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Association for IEMT
  • Written about 9 hours ago
    What Bill Gates is saying now 5 years later from his original Ted Talk! How we must respond to the coronavirus pand…
  • Written about 9 hours ago
    What Bill Gates is saying now 5 years later from his original Ted Talk! How we must respond to the coronavirus pand…
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 Are you experiencing Anxiety, Depression or Stress right now or finding it difficult to make decisions?

Maybe you're overwhelmed by a problem that you can't seem to find answers to? 

You are not alone, the stresses of life can make us feel less confident and create feelings of anxiety at times.  Having an understanding of what creates these feelings will help you to overcome them.  Read Joseph's story 

What you need is support and guidance, someone who can help you to talk and work through your problem, someone who can help you to recognise that any problem is just a challenge or obstacle that you can overcome: Read my story  

As a counsellor I can help you to find the solutions that you need to move on with your life. Counselling, hypnotherapy and life coaching can help with many types of problems such as: Physical or Psychological abuse, Alcohol or Drug abuse, Self-harming or eating disorders, Relationship or Marriage problems, Bereavement/Grief/Loss Anxiety or Depression

I offer an integrated approach to suit your needs such as: Psychotherapy Counselling, Hypnotherapy, NLP life coaching, IEMT and Time Line therapy. I also offer nutritional advice (as a qualified nutritional therapist) as the mind and body work together!

Would you like a FREE 20 minute consultation with me and you can find out if the coaching services that I offer will meet with your needs.

Call me today on 01737 812 498 or 07759 149 326

As a Psychotherapeutic counsellor I help people with psychological or mental health problems that have built up over time.  I specialise in drug and alcohol abuse working with clients at CATALYST an organisation that supports people with issues associated with drugs/alcohol  -

Psychotherapy Counselling 'talking therapy' offers a number of flexible multi-model approaches to help meet your needs, allowing you to explore your behaviours, feelings and thought processes in a safe environment.  

You maybe experiencing: 

  • Physical or Psychological abuse 
  • Alcohol or drugs related issues 
  • Self-harming 
  • Eating disorders
  • Relationship or Marriage problems
  • Bereavement/Grief/Loss 
  • Anxiety or Depression

This type of 'talking therapy' is very therapeutic as it helps to understand your feelings, thoughts and actions more clearly, encouraging you to take positive steps to resolve the issues through understanding and behavioural change. 

Browse through my Coaching services and Testimonials by clicking on the links below: 

Who would benefit from visiting a Confidence Coach?

If you lack confidence in the following areas of your life: Career, Business, Weight, Health, Coping with stress, Inappropriate fears or phobias, Public speaking, Low self-esteem, Relationship problems, Children with lack of confidence at school, with friends or in sports.

Addictions (smoking, drinking) and many more............................

LISTEN to Alastair's testimonial on how quickly he gave up smoking with Hypnotherapy after only One Session!

Copy this link to the group of people who have quit smoking:

How will it work?

I offer a number of different therapies and often a combination of them will help you to achieve the confidence you need.  After a few sessions of Confidence Coaching or Health Coaching you could be ready to make some positive changes to your life – think about that!

Call me for a free 20 minute telephone conversation so we can find out if I'm the right Coach for you:

01737 812 498 or 07759 149 326  

Home visits or Skype as part of my services


“After 3 sessions with Alma which included time line therapy, I have now been free of anxiety attacks for over 2 months. I feel I have regained my confidence and do not avoid places that previously caused me concern"  LF - Surrey

" I thought my world had collapsed then I met Alma and found the therapy helped me get it all back together. Seeing everything from a different perspective and getting to know and understand myself better was a healing process.. I would definitely recommend therapy with Alma"  (PS Surrey)


Hypnosis is the use of trance to make changes at the subconcious level. It is a deeply relaxing calm state where you are in control and in charge. The belief that somebody can be hypnotized against there will is just a myth! In fact you will reject any suggestion given to you which is against your values. In many ways hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness where you can make deep and lasting changes to thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Read more

Hypnotherapy for Weight-loss Hypnotherapy is not about mind control; if I asked you “How much control do you have over your eating habits?" you may answer that you were out of control. Hypnotherapy allows you to get back in control over your eating patterns, by working together with a trained hypnotherapist towards a mutually agreed outcome with constant reassurance. Read more or book onto my Workshop


NLP is a set of tools and techniques, which we use to encourage people to let go of their negative thoughts, beliefs and make permanent changes to their lives. It works on the unconscious level of the mind; which runs our body and represents our internal representation of how we feel, think and react to situations. Read more

Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy is a specific process designed to trace a particular negative feeling, belief or limiting decision back to the first time in memory (unconscious mind) that it can be found. It is a collection of techniques that allows you to gain emotional control over the anger, hurt, guilt, sadness, fear or anxiety that you experience. This model has been widely known as one of the most effective methods for creating quick, lasting changes in individuals allowing them to move forward with their goals and desires. Read more







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