'After 6 long months of waiting to start NHS counseling services for depression, I was most fortunate in having a recommendation from a friend to seek Alma's services.    After six consultations over a short four month period, I have been surprised as to how much better I now feel to enable me to return to a more normal life having now only the exceptional need of Alma’s services on an 'ad hoc' basis.

I found Alma's approach to treatment focused in a relaxing and meaningful way, shining a light into the mysteries and depths of depression.

JS (Surrey)

“After 3 sessions with Alma Griffiths, which included time line therapy, I have now been free of anxiety attacks for over 2 months. I feel I have regained my confidence and do not avoid places that previously caused me concern" 

LF - Surrey

Alma I am so glad I came to see you; you so know the buttons to press! I started to open up to my partner and talked about what I wanted from my relationship and it had really amazing results. We suddenly started talking about all sorts of things. Lots of it is down to me to work it out, but I liked your approach and understanding. Thank you again"

Julie - Surrey

“After suffering severe panic attacks for 10 years, I cannot believe that following two session with you I have finally got back my life. This may sound like a dramatic statement but it is true.

At best, I was coping with one panic attack a week and at worst three times a week. I would avoid socialising and stopped drinking alcohol altogether. I would always prefer to entertain in the safety of my own home rather than put myself in an unfamiliar environment. If I did go out, I would hope and pray that my evening would not be ruined (it always was). I credit myself with managing to hold down a full time job, although this was not always easy. To overcome my panic attacks, I have tried 10mg increasing to 20mg increasing to 40mg of citalapram and several hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy sessions through my GP. None of these seemed to work and I had therefore resigned myself to the fact that maybe I had to learn to live with the attacks. Deep down though I believed that someone, somewhere could help me. My friend then enthused about time line therapy and recommended you. The rest, as they say, is history.

I no longer take citalapram daily and no longer experience the effects of my previous attacks: (sickness, dizzyness, shaking arms and hands, collapsing, tunnel vision and extreme exhaustion). I wake up every morning now and say to myself, “today will be a good day” and it always is!!.

I can’t begin to thank you enough Alma, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you. My only regret is that I didn’t meet you earlier in my life. People should be able to live their lives to the full and not let anything hold them back and always have positive thoughts.”

Libby - Surrey

“Alma was recommended to me by a friend.  She had helped my friend’s son deal with OCD problems and also another friend to cure her panic attacks. I have been through a particularly painful divorce and found it almost impossible to move forward with my life.   I have been visiting Alma for several months now.  The meetings take place in Alma’s house which is located in a beautiful, tranquil location.  I liked Alma from the moment we met.  I feel relaxed in her company and able to share my thoughts and concerns.  I have been to 3 counsellors in the past and didn’t really feel any benefit as they mainly just listened but gave very few suggestions.  With Alma I know I have improved and feel more able to deal with the stresses of life.  She has taught me some excellent strategies on now to cope and put things behind me. If you are looking for help I would certainly recommend you book a session.  She has shown me how to learn to like myself again.“

Julie - Surrey

“I consulted Alma as I was experiencing continued problems with compulsive overeating. With only four sessions Alma totally turned around my outlook, increased my self esteem and self belief beyond what I could have ever imagined. As a result I have a new zest for life and so much more energy. I also feel I have also discovered a much more creative side of myself and it is only now how much I realise the overeating had clouded my vision. Through hypnotherapy, NLP and sometimes just talking I feel I have made fantastic progress.

I found Alma to be very approachable in such a way that I was able to open up about feelings which had previously embarassed me and which I had not dealt with. This was quite a big step for me but Alma explained how everything I felt was all quite normal and how it would help me achieve my goal in not overeating in an effort to deal with my emotions. I am now pleased to say that I have reached my goal!” 

Heather - Surrey

“I have found the sessions with Alma extremely useful and am feeling more positive with life in general. Many thanks.”

Justine - Surrey

“I booked an appt to see Alma after suffering from panic attacks for some years and a period of depression causing insufficient sleep. It is so incredible that I’ve not had the need to take a Diazepam since seeing her. I just feel invigourated; my appetite has returned and I have gained some weight that I had lost.  My 2 daughters have commented that even my voice has changed. I am so grateful for Alma’s help, many thanks.”

Mrs Oliver - Surrey

”One visit to Alma for Hypnotherapy & NLP, and from smoking 20-30 cigarettes per day I now consider myself a non-smoker. No cravings – a complete lifestyle change in a morning. Amazing!”

Belinda - Surrey

“I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with NLP. That such a simple concept could be so effective and achieve dramatic results in only 4 visits. NLP is powerful, effective and has certainly made a difference in my life. I would and have recommended Alma to friends of mine who are very keen to meet with her and experience the power of NLP.”  

Paul - Surrey

”After splitting up with my ex boyfriend a few months ago I was experiencing a lot of emotion and panic attacks came out of the blue. These induced a lot of ongoing anxiety symptoms, which lasted everyday for a few months. They were really scary and I struggled with day-to-day activities and experienced some depression.

I was given Alma’s name from a friend, who had experienced similar symptoms to me in the past and said that Alma can offer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help me through these hard times and to complement advice from the doctor. Her advice and therapy were outstanding and she helped me let go of the all the horrible associations and feelings from the past, which built up over time and caused the anxiety feelings/sensations that I was feeling and helped me to come to terms with and understand the anxiety. This meant that I began to start thinking positively about my life, my goals and to focus on the good things in life and to let go and learn from the past, instead of letting it bring me down and contributing to the anxiety and depressive, compulsive feelings/symptoms I was getting.

I found Alma really easy to talk to and found her very interesting and I went away from her sessions with a positive attitude which helped me conquer the anxiety, using techniques such as CBT, Hypnotherapy and timeline therapy, as well as advice on diet, life changes, supplements and breathing and relaxation techniques. I am now enjoying life, I have cut my medication down and I haven’t experienced anxiety like I had before. I feel anxiety free!!

Many thanks Alma and I advise anyone experiencing these sorts of problems, to seek advice and guidance from Alma, who is experienced, understanding, tentative and great in her therapy sessions!!”

Katy B - Surrey

“During my childhood, I grew up with my father slowly recovering from an alcohol addiction. I am very close to my mother, closer than any of my friends are to their mothers. I found I constantly worried about my mother and the thought of being away from her concerned me. Alma and I talked about my childhood and with a ‘breakthrough’ understood that I have worked hard and never wanted to do anything wrong so not to let down my mother or upset her in anyway. I felt responsible for her happiness and took on the role as a young girl to protect her and not upset her, due to family worries at the time. Working with Alma was a friendly, open experience. I found Alma easy to talk to and approachable. NLP has helped me to focus on me and what I want out of life. I also believe l have an even better relationship with my mother, without the constant worry.”

Tina - Surrey

“My life had been going through a bad spell; I was at risk of losing my business and didn’t know which way to turn. A friend introduced me to Alma and we talked initially about how I could change my life with the help of NLP/Time line therapy & hypnosis. So I decided to go ahead with a ‘Breakthrough’ where we explored the past, how I felt worthless & not good enough. I was constantly beating myself up, I wanted to move forward and take control of my life/destiny. Alma used certain techniques to help me discover the root cause of my negative emotions and release them on the unconscious level. It was a strange experience but after the session I felt very positive about myself. I had the drive & energy to take control of my life and business: making positive decisions to achieve my goals. Working with Alma has changed the way I think and feel; the experience was certainly worth it!”

Anthony - Cheam

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